Interview Skills: Confidence Over Competence

Confidence Over Competence

It is amazing to see how young college students like me study hard to graduate with an outstanding GPA. It is a great thing to do this but the larger percentage of students don’t work towards defending their degree and competence during interviews and after job offers.

I found out that nobody can sell you to a potential employer, even your degree and GPA will only attract interviewer but not exempt you from being interviewed. In essence, your competence cannot save you during oral interviews if you don’t have the confidence to show that you are truly a qualified candidate.

The last interview I had before this article was so helpful in writing this short write-up. Other candidates and I were at the lounge of this great organization, waiting for the next interviewee. Sitting quietly on the last chair was a beautiful and well-dressed applicant who was shaking and obviously nervous. She was well dressed but her hands were shaking that her leather folder almost dropped.

This young lady has the opportunity to sell her competence and present her outstanding GPA but unfortunately, she was not confident. She was not talking to any of the other applicants and the HR staff around. After different conversations have been started and ended, the HR lady ushering applicants into the offices finally asked her “What is going on? Are you okay? The interviewer is very cool”.

Confidence is more needed than competence during the oral interviews. The situation referred to above revealed how confident I can be even when am not qualified for that position. I was interviewed for an internship that was not related to my major and got it because I was able to sell my competence and potentials with confidence (I had to learn and pay proper attention to details on the training days so as to perform my duties well though).

Confidence is required to sell yourself and persuade your interviewers or listeners.

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