Capital Should Not Be An Excuse

Capital Should Not Be An Excuse

Businesses like every other daily activity may not be established because of many hindrances. As a college student, I set daily, weekly and monthly goals but I seldom get my goals achieved (which is not a problem). The unfortunate part of not achieving my goals is the fact that there is always an excuse which in most situations these excuses are very genuine and unavoidable.

The attitude of not getting a task done has shifted to business and the ultimate effect of this is that ideas will not be put into reality or practicality. The ‘clever ones’ have excuses for not launching their plans, some of the excuses are assumed by me to be dream-stoppers. I touched base with a young and passionate friend about an idea that he had before a long bridge separated us, I found out that his awesome idea has been residing in him without execution. His excuse was CAPITAL.

His excuse reminded me of a few other friends (and including me) that didn’t want to START because they assumed that the present-day business affluents inherited wealth. According to, fewer than 20 percent of today’s rich men inherited 10 percent or more of their wealth. Apparently, 80 percent started from somewhere, hopefully, they used legitimate means, the point is that we don’t establish our true hindrances and find a way around them. If 80 percent can be great without inheriting more than 10 percent of their wealth, then there is no limitation to those that can be great.

Having lived in a country where micro-finance was easily accessible, I discovered that most of our hindrances are not related to capital but are SOLELY based on FEAR. Human is designed alongside with fear (fear of tomorrow, failure, fear of others ) but if we are all held down by fear; development and innovations will all be dreams that can’t come true. As I round up, ideas die at conception stage because of few stop-and-go spots that are all related to fear.

Below are my suggested actions that will make your ideas (anticipated business) reach the implementation stage:

  • Believe in the uniqueness of your idea and do something everyday to get you to the next level.
  • Don’t see capital as a hindrance but as the first profit your business will make.
  • Start small. Looking at people who have been in business for more than a decade will not help you.
  • Share your ideas with trustworthy people.
  • Don’t hesitate to find co-founders (strong agreement has to be in place before business starts).
  • Fundraising does not necessarily mean you are incapable. Fund-raise if you can!
  • Lastly, the establishment of a loan is for the human being. Don’t let fear hold you down but be wise when going for loans (this should be your last approach)

Starting small is unavoidable. Just as the Egyptian pyramids started with a brick, the well-known companies started small. Small capital does not mean you will stay small!

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