5 Reasons Why You Should Remain Positive

5 Reasons Why You Should Remain Positive

2017 is turning out to be a stirringly unpredictable year. The White House, critical elections in Europe, Brexit aftershocks, a series of natural disasters, many global upheavals, and technology-affected industries are causing serious amounts of uncertainty in the air. Majority of people are feeling it. However, every passing moment gives you a choice – to be in resistance or at peace. Here are five simple reasons to stay positive;

1. Happiness and Better Health

It is quite convenient to sit in the negativity and just moon around. It never worked for anyone, and it will not work for you. It is because when you are continuously in a positive state of mind, it lifts the spirits, and changes your outlook on life. You start appreciating parts of life that actually matter, such as your family, friends, and nature. You become a happier person!

Moreover, taking care of your thoughts is taking care of your health, as positive thinking impacts your health a lot more than you may think. According to Mental Health America, people who are pessimistic are 20% more at risk of dying over a 30-year period than the ones who believe in optimism.

2. Motivation

Positivity is directly related to your energy reservoirs, while negativity ejects out your vibrancy and leaves you drained and exhausted. As per Oxford, motivation is a reason or reasons for behaving in a particular way. A cynical mind is an escapist mind, and I am sure all of us go through phases where we are already thinking about coming back home even before reaching our respective workplaces. The reality is that hard times will invariably occur, and there are no two opinions about it. However, if you are a positive person, you would be motivated enough to tackle such situations with reason to move past them.

3. Positivity attracts positive events

The University of Pennsylvania conducted extensive research on positivity, and as per the findings, if you consistently look on the bright side more than the darker one, people will relish your company. You will organically make more friends, which will lead to more exciting opportunities in life. Additionally, life-altering opportunities can only present themselves if you are allowing yourself to be out in the open.

4. Improves your confidence

Negativity breeds self-doubt which can kill even the best of dreams, while positivity nurtures confidence. So, why not choose confidence when you have the option? Therefore, start by just thinking about the things you are grateful for, and for a couple of seconds, smile a little. It is because even the worse of the situations do offer a glimmer of hope that can revitalize your confidence levels.

5. Strengthens your interpersonal relationships

When a pessimist smells flowers, he looks for a coffin! Do not be that person. When you adapt positivity, you will start seeing the good in people and will ignore their shortcomings. As a result, your interpersonal relationships will diametrically improve.

It is because healthy relationships lead to more joy and contentment while a negative mindset persistently takes its toll on a relationship. Remember, positivity and negativity are both contagious, except the latter repels people while the former attracts them like a beehive.

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