5 Simple Steps To Win Big This Year

5 Simple Steps To Win Big This Year

 You know you need to make some progress this year but you have a lot of questions like, how do I  start? where will the resources come from? do I have enough time? Yeah, I asked the same questions and several more too. The good news is that you don’t have to start conquering your goals on the first day or week of the year. Below are five simple steps to get you started right now and help you end the year with a big warrior’s smile.

1. Set Goals Around Your Purpose

Understanding your purpose is crucial to having a fulfilled year. A purpose will always motivate you to keep going and to constantly examine your progress. Once you understand your purpose, set reasonable goals around it. Without a goal, one can go and grow in the wrong direction. Setting daily and weekly goals is a good way to gradually approach and measure your how close you are to your end goal. Weekly goals are subsets of the bigger goal which wraps around your purpose.

2. Start Now

You never fail until you stop trying. You can’t fail at what you don’t start. Starting and failing doesn’t make you a failure, it just means you have not mastered the task at hand. You don’t have to keep waiting until the time to start is completely over. You may have the fear of rejection and continuity but the waiting time is over! It does not matter how many weeks you have left in the year, start now and continuously take actions until you get to the finish line.

3. Discipline

Once you have started, the next big thing is to be disciplined and always stay on course. To be discipline may be costly during the process but the result is always sweet. Avoid distractors and embrace all the cheerleaders on your journey. You need to stay motivated and more importantly be disciplined as your cheerleaders may not be there when you have to stay behind at work to get your daily goals done and when you have to get up early to attack the day with some positive moves.

4. Be Your Best and Beat Your Best

To become a winner, you have to see every day as an opportunity to be better. Always work hard to surpass your daily goals and never settle for less. If you surpass the daily goals before the day is over, it is okay to celebrate the little win and beat the goal if your mind and body are still actively providing the ideas and strength to keep you going.

5. Review and Set Another Goal

Lastly, always review your goals, get all the rest you can, BE THANKFUL and create a new set of goals. Reviewing your goals help you to know where you can improve and more importantly if your goals are truly met. Always will be grateful and never stop improving!

Now you have it! Get started, keep taking actions and win daily!

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