4 Simple Steps To Getting Everything You Need

4 Simple Steps To Getting Everything You Need

Your daily needs are numerous and supposedly much more important than your also numerous wants. Before I get to the four simple steps to getting everything you need, I need to clarify some things. You probably know the difference between “need” and “want”. However, here is a short difference between them: need is something needed to survive. A want, in economics, is one step up in the order from needs and is simply something that people desire to have, that they may, or may not, be able to obtain. – Study.com

A need is something that you need to get to the next level of survival and to get some satisfaction. For instance, a web design freelancer would need his own personal computer in order to get work done. A work done will ultimately lead to paid cash for him or her. The computer is a need that guarantees survival. I want to give you quick steps to help you get almost everything you need without unnecessarily worrying when delayed. These four steps consist of prayer, preparation, persevere and patience – I call them 4Ps.

1. Prayer

Regardless of your religion affiliation, there is a moment of reflection. Furthermore, there is some form of communication with the “higher power” in such religion. As a Christian, I believe in prayers. Prayer is a perfect way to put your need into a test. With prayers or reflection, you will see if your desires are wants or needs. More importantly, if such needs will be beneficial for you in the future. Praying about my need and juxtaposing it with my purpose always reveal the possible end results of the need. Prayer is a good way to start seeing the potential of your desires. It is also a big key factor as you continue the process of getting what you need in life.

2. Preparation

After determining if you need to chase a need, the next step is to prepare. Preparation is one of the keys to success. It gets you ready to face the obstacles that may surface on your path to success. An athlete would tell you how important preparation is to his or her effectiveness during each competition. Every pursuit requires preparation! If you are seeking a promotion, you have to start preparing for that next level. This will make you to be effective when the promotion comes. Just like every athlete or athletic team would train during preseason and before each competition, it is expedient to always adequately prepare for the next need you are desiring.

3. Perseverance

Perseverance is another important key to getting to an expected end. Delays are never desired but they may surface in the process of getting your desired needs. When the delays happen, the best response is to persevere and take meaningful steps to get rid of such delays. Perseverance means to continue to work towards the goal regardless of the chance of success. Perseverance is one of the steps I failed to learn when I was younger. I quickly gave up when “things got tangle” with unexpected delays. As I get older, I realized that delays and denials can be part of any man’s success story. As you continue your journey to success, remember to keep “chasing the goal” and remain positive until the very end.

4. Patience

The last step which is as important as the first and second steps is patience. Patience is powerful and crucial during each of the above-mentioned steps. You need patience when you pray or reflect on your desired needs. Sometimes you pray and don’t immediately see the next step but you have to wait until you are confident about the next direction – which may be to chase or not chase your need. Patience is also needed while preparing for your need and of course we can all use some patience when delays and unexpected difficulties arise.

These steps are not far fetch. Everyday living requires us all to possess the actions described in the 4Ps. I am sure you are ready to chase your next need using these steps.

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