5 Types of People You Need Around You Every day

5 Types of People You Need Around You Every day

People can help make the journey to your success easier and fun or make it awful. The people you have around you can indirectly determine how efficiently you accomplish your goals if you let them. It is extremely hard to control who come your way as friends or family members. However, it is easy to deal with them when you can identify the type of person they are. You need to know the types of people you need around you to get to your next level. I wrote the five types of people you need around you every day to get you closer to your next level.

I recently reflected on how the last few years of my life went. From the reflection, I was able to categorize the people in my life into two main categories – distractors and cheerleaders. After my reflection, I decided to write about these types of people. I broaden my focus of this topic after I listening to this episode of The Chris Hogan’s Show. Chris mentioned the list of the types of people we all need in our lives.

Since Chris’ list resonates with me, I added one more to it and decided to further share it with you. You will have a better day and life with true friends, coach, mentor, cheerleader and a mentee. These are basically the five types of people you need around you every day.

1. A Friend

After my short reflection mentioned above, I realized how reasonable friends have helped shape the course of my life. Most of us can easily categorize the people we come across everyday as friends but very few of us have true friends. A true friend is someone who knows, cares, listens to you and will never hesitate to correct your wrongs. A true friend does not have to be a family member or someone you see every day. However, the person must be easily accessible to you and always be willing to walk in your shoes.

2. A Coach

A coach is someone (professional) who has more knowledge in a field than you. Having a coach means you have submitted to the tutelage of this experienced individual and such individual is willing to walk you through your journey using his or her set standard. Contrary to popular opinion, a coach does not have to be someone who helps you with your business. Anyone can use a coach in any of the following aspects of life – business, communication, music etc.

Many dreams fail because of lack of coaching and mentoring. If you are feeling frustrated about something today, seek more knowledge about such thing using any coaching approach available to you. Coaching does not have to be a physical and formal process in this age of technology. When I was trying to get out of debt, I religiously listened to Dave Ramsey’s podcast which served as my free coaching approach. A coach can definitely help you get ahead in everyday life and ultimately with your goals.

3. A Mentor

Most people use mentoring and coaching interchangeably despite their differences. Mentoring is different from coaching in several ways:

  • It is mostly informal
  • It is oftentimes a long-term process and may not necessarily cover one specific aspect of an individual’s life.
  • Mentoring process is more realistic and contains real life experiences compared to coaching which is structured and may be based on presumption.

A mentor would hold your hands and walk with you as you navigate through the journey of life. A true mentor would understand your weaknesses and advice on how to overcome them – even together. Lastly, a mentor would also be there to celebrate your successes with you and push you to carry on. 

4. A Cheerleader

Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. I ran two 5ks last year. The distances were the same but the atmosphere was different for me. During the first race, I had few friends around who ran with me and some were at the finish line screaming all kinds of positive phrases so that I can finish strong.

However, the second race was quiet for me and I lacked the motivation needed to finish the race early because I went into the race without any cheerleader – all by myself! You need a cheerleader to encourage you to keep going despite the hurdles of life. You will be better off going on a journey with folks who will clap for you after every successful lap even when you fail to complete the lap in the best time possible.

5. A Mentee

While putting in the work to reach your goal and living a purposeful life is important, it is also important to help others reach their next level if time permits. You can mentor individuals who may need your help. This can help you as well given that a lesson taught is a lesson more understood by the teacher. Furthermore, the best thing to do with knowledge is to share it for the good of humanity.

People are part of your everyday success and to ensure you have a smoother ride to success, it is important to surround yourself with the right people. The right people will not be hard to find if you know the type of people you need.

I would like to end with the excerpt from “How Successful People Grow” by the great John Maxwell:

“My greatest growth has always come as result of finding people ahead of me who were able to show me the way forward. Some of them have helped me through personal contact, but most have helped through the books they’ve written. When I’ve had questions, I’ve found answers in their wisdom. If you have discovered what you want to do, start finding people who do what you want to do with excellence. Then do what you must to learn from them. Always remember that you cannot get where you want to go on your own. You will need the help of others to guide you on your way.”

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