5 Things To Give Up If You Want To Go Up

5 Things To Give Up If You Want To Go Up

Do you desire to move in an upward direction? Everyone does! There are some few things to stay away from in order to get to that next level. You will have a peaceful transition to this level if you give up the following described things. 

1. Toxic People

The first thing to be give up is toxic people. It is a known fact that people can deter or make your path to success easier. The people you rely on to move up can make the process smooth or harder than it needs to be. Toxic people are the ones you want to stay away from. There are different types of toxic people but they have this in common, they are poisonous and never problem-free. They are always jealous, judgemental, opinionated and narcissistic. You need supportive folks who will cheer you on and “watch your back” as you move up in life.

2. Pessimism

Human beings are naturally realistic in nature. Moving up often times does not happen naturally. There are some work (competition, application, education etc) needed to be done to move up. To be candid, one can be pessimistic when it comes to approaching the next level because of the common realistic expectation that we all have. Statement like “I may not get this position” and “What if I get it but don’t like the position?” are normal and common. However, if you want to go up, you have to be uncommon (unrealistic sometimes) and embrace optimism.

3. Debt

Many people hold the belief that being debt-free is an unattainable goal. This is a popular belief that most people never tested out. I understand that all human beings don’t have equal opportunities and the pressure of getting into more debt by credit card companies are increasingly high. However, there are several ways to slowly getting out of debt if you want to move up. One of them is to live below your means. Furthermore, as you decrease the superfluous expenses be sure to avoid accruing more debt. Staying out of debt gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on the journey ahead while “climbing up”. Imagine having to look back and see your debtors as you make lateral moves? You don’t want that!

4. Unnecessary Conversation

Time is only money when well spent. Unnecessary conversation is not only unneeded but it is time consuming. Meaningless conversations don’t often yield good results especially when done at the wrong time. You have to value your time and give it out with an expectation for some kind of reward in the future. Reward can be direct or indirect. It can be knowledge or other intangible thing. If you are hanging out with loved ones, do it perfectly. When you are working, work wholeheartedly. If you want to move up, you have to be laser-focused when you should.

5. Excessive Dominance

Dominance is a situation when one has power, control or superiority over something, someone or group of people. Dominance is great when wisdom is used and when in moderation. Excessive dominance in any situation does not leave room for your own improvement and of course does not help you upward. You cannot always pouring out without replenishing. If you think you are more knowledgeable (even when you are) than everyone around you, you need to hold back sometimes so that you can learn something new from others. Your next level may require you to know a skill or information that your subordinate knows about or knows an expert in that field.

Going upward is a journey that requires some changes. These changes may seem inconsequential but they are not. The above five things should be daily checked as you progress in life. 

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