Change is one of the inevitable life movement  that everyone would have to deal with in order to grow. The need to change will always surface in your life but to force a lasting change is optional. Only those that know the importance of a change and want to take action would have a lasting change. Creating a change is hard because of several reasons including fear, so you have to force it to happen.

I have put the process of forcing a change in three phases. The first one is your desire phase, then determination phase and the dedication phase. I called these phases the “3Ds”. This is a traditional and effective way to force a change but I want to broaden your understanding of this approach.

Desire Phase

As mentioned above, you will always the option to change to a new direction in your life. The desire phase starts when you choose to change. This part is not necessarily the most important but it certainly play a key role in the process. Having the desire to change “ignites the fire” and thirst for the outcome. The desire phase is when you have the opportunity to set your goals, get all the information needed to achieve the goals and create a timeline for the lasting change.

The desire phase is when you look at the mirror and tell yourself the truth. You need to know if this change would be beneficial or not. Remember, all good things may not be good for you at a certain time. So it is important to be honest with yourself and decide if your new direction is what you need now, in the future or never need.

Determination Phase

After you have reviewed your desire and decided that this change is for your good, then you move to the next phase. Determination phase is where the work starts. This is where you start implementing the action items in your goals one after the other. This is also where you would see and feel the difficulty in your goals. Don’t be discouraged but be determined to get through the process of getting your intended change. Force a lasting change in your life would not be easy.

With the probability of giving up at this phase being higher than others, I recommend you take the process step-by-step using all the resources available to you. For instance, if your desired change is to change careers (let’s say from being a bodybuilder to IT Specialist), you would probably feel like giving up especially when you are stuck in front the computer for hours learning your new skills. Keep in mind that a bodybuilder is an active individual who does all his or her activities with physical strength and equipments. But a “computer guy” is in front of the screen for a good portion of the day. These are totally different tasks. You have to consider the adjustment that would be needed to achieve your goals and just stick with the plan using all the help you can get.

Dedication Phase

This is an important phase. It is the continuity and maintenance phase. Many people successfully force a lasting change and quickly revert to their old ways. You have to be dedicated to any change you have successful made. Human brain is so powerful but its capability to maintain something depends on how often such thing is used.

I used to be able to read and speak French but I lost it over the years. It was not used even occasionally, so I barely remember the basics. This is what happens with a successfully formed habit. Continuity is powerful! It makes you become an expert of your change. So it is important to have factor the maintenance at the desire phase.

I don’t know what your desired changes in life are but I know you can achieve them. Of course, you have to do somethings consistently to successfully go through the process of this change. You can make your dream come true and it starts with forcing lasting change in your life. I hope you will use this “3Ds” to move ahead in life by changing your position to the next best one.