The idea of work is rapidly declining as technology innovations spring up. There has been a shift and differentiation between hard and smart work. This generation has been misled by the concept of “working smart”. Many of us believe working smart is doing the easy thing or putting in the lowest possible effort to get the best result. In contraposition, we believe hard work is not necessary since smart work can produce the same result. No! Doing more hard and smart work equals excellence and will be beneficial to you.

Working smart is simply to work quickly, neatly and intelligently without compromising perfection or standards. Work is work! There is no significant difference between working hard and working smart. Believing that there’s a difference is simply downplaying the importance of work by giving the lowest possible effort. This is disadvantageous to the great goals you have.

Downplaying the importance of work is one of the reasons some of us don’t achieve our set goals or milestones. This is because we live in a simplified age where almost every process (of making literally everything) is easier. Success stories about how “easy it was for me” are all over the internet. Have you ever wondered why most of the ads on social media in the last three to four years have been about self-made entrepreneurs, blogger etc? I have! Well, I know that many of us believe that it is easier to be a millionaire today than ever (which is true) and it can be done without giving your 100 percent. Many still believe that to be set for life, all you need is to work smart and not give your possible best.

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in an easy work as long as you know that perfection cannot be compromised by ease. Forget that popular believe which portrays hard work as “hard labor”. No, hard work in terms of creating value is simply working towards excellence or perfection. As you know , the reward of maximum effort is often excellence. The reward of putting in the minimum effort certainly yields minimum result, average! Average does not sell anymore, you have to work hard and smart at the same time.

Looking for an average way to be promoted at work, maintain good health, or get out of debt would not work. While you are looking for that easy route, someone is doing everything he can to surpass the standard so as to get what could be yours. You have to work with great determination and grow in the direction you want to see yourself go if you want to be beyond average. If you want to win a race against a champion, you have to plan and play on a level above the champion’s last success.

Coco Gauff defeated her hero, Venus Williams, in a tennis game – Wimbledon. This was not an easy task for the 15 years old. As you know, she didn’t go into the game averagely prepared. Of course, she didn’t come to lose. Please debunk the myth that smart work is the only necessary requirements to win. Always go for excellence by working hard and smart!

I hope you will put yourself to work today for a better you. I hope you will not pump the break because someone else is putting in the minimum work. Always remember that hard and smart work equals excellence.