Being outstanding is rare in this age when there are a lot more virtual relationships (online connection) than real or physical relationships. The physical relationships we have in this age still need us to be impactful and proactive. The impact you make in other people’s lives is paramount. Despite the dichotomy in relationships, there are still people around or online who need you. Of course, you need people to make progress in life as well. It takes an outstanding person to be of help to others.

Outstanding people can be born. Being an outstanding person can also be taught too. There are some people who stand out among the friends and acquaintances you have. These people stand out because of several reasons – either they made positive or negative mark in your life. I have listed and explained below how you can do this. These simple steps I described below would help you stand out among others.

Speak and act smartly

People appreciate the people who brightens their day – those who directly and indirectly help solve their problems. To be outstanding among your peers and senior colleagues, you will need to always “speak solution” and react to things in a very practical and logical way. Do you still remember that friend who complains about a problem but never offer a solution? Everyone has such a friend or family member. As you know, folks like that are not always welcomed when key decisions are to be made. Words matter in forming and maintaining relationships. How you speak to people and their situations matters a lot. An outstanding person don’t just speak, he or she speaks with wisdom. People would hold you dearly when you speak life to their situations. 

Give more of yourself

Average does not sell anymore! Giving 100 percent is getting outdated. Think about that outstanding colleague of yours for a minute; what you will find is a man who always give more than everyone else. You probably don’t like that one guy you thought about because he out-works you. To stand out among others, you have to always give more than the expected – more than average. Personally, I like to say I give 120 percent on any given task. I show up earlier to meetings, I ask the right questions (which shows my understanding of the given topic), and I carry out any task with great zeal. This is how outstanding people are made. Additionally, giving more of yourself not only make you outstanding for the benefit of others but also for yourself. Putting in extra work oftentimes resort to elevation, confidence and more opportunity.

Do the right thing at all times

Doing the right thing is not popular anymore. We have blatant rule-benders, secret rule-breakers, shortcut takers, and other types of people who take unfair approach towards getting ahead in life. Nobody wants to associate themselves with people who can’t do the right thing or people who can’t maintain their integrity. For shortcut takers, remember that how fast you get things done is always as important as how right you get things done. To make yourself stand out, you will have to always be the example for integrity, discipline, honesty and accuracy inclusive. Don’t let shortcuts cut short the great relationships you can have. You can always get things done in an old-fashioned but honest way. An honest and discipline man will always be treated with respect by reasonable people.

Be more interested than interesting

It is extremely hard for one not to “share” in this information age. Everyone has something they think is interesting. Everyone has an opinion that they think would impress others. If you want to be outstanding and better serve others, you have to be interested in what other people are saying. Always be eager to listen, willing to understand and be slow to speak. This would help you respond correctly to any raised concern. Furthemore, the person who talking to you may respect you more when he or she knows you are relatable. Being interested in other people depicts the kind of person you are. People are attracted to good people who they know can have a genuine (no hidden intention) relationship with them. Lastly, remember that shining light upon ourselves only puts others further in the dark. So be interested and compassionate with people.

Always be positive and happy

Negativity does not attract anything good!. Everyone likes a man who gives hope and encouragement. Being positive and happy are two different things but they carry the same message and attract almost everyone – including the people with “bad vibes”. Nine of 10 outstanding people you see spread positivity and always wear their smiles. To always be pessimistic is never welcomed and will always “bad vibes”.  This will not only make you infamous but can also affect your health and worsen your decision-making process. However, note that scholars have also applauded a type of pessimism – defensive pessimism. Defensive pessimism is a “type of pessimism that involves expecting the worst but using that expectation as motivation to take action to avoid a bad outcome”. Regardless of this novel side of pessimism, remember that positivity is a plus (added value) to your relationships while negativity is not.

In my own words, an outstanding person is ultimately someone who listens and is ever-ready to help others grow while he or she grows as well. To be outstanding does not necessarily mean being exceptional or exulted. Being outstanding is an humble status that we all should strive to get to. It will help your day-to-day life and business if you have one.