The are several aspects of your life that you should always review but there are three main ones that you should not go a week without working on. You can’t afford to go a week without improving your relationships, career (retirement) and health. Many people take extra time within a year to plan for their vacations, Thanksgiving and update their bucket list but never take a week to review these three aspects of their lives. Planning for the above-mentioned events is totally fine but not at the expense of your relationships, career, and health.

1. Relationships.

The main aspects of your life to always review is your relationships with people and God. There are several kinds of relationships but all are centered around one big factor, people. People are the center of romantic and other kinds of relationships. Maintaining a good relationship with your family, friends and every-day people you meet would not only open doors for you but will also give you peace of mind. You probably know this already but here’s a reminder “who you know can determine where you get to on the ladder of success”. So I will not explain the open door aspects of maintaining a good relationship.

Peace is the most expensive feeling or thing you can ever buy – well it just can’t be bought. Being able to go from one place to the other without the fear of being under attack is comforting. Maintaining a good relationship with people gives you the courage to walk tall without worries.

Harvard School of Public Health study revealed that religious upbringing is linked to better health and well-being during early adulthood. If you look at this article, you will notice that this research didn’t specify any religion. This means there’s either a true higher-power or the believe that there’s one high-power is rewarding. This study revealed that those who pray or meditate at least daily while growing up are 16% more likely to be happier. There are few other studies that showed that moderate religious adults are more likely to achieve their dreams in life and of course be happier. Good relationships will bring you peace of mind and happiness when maintained as you grow older.

2. Career and Retirement.

One of the things you don’t want to worry about when you are older is retirement. Retirement is a reward for all the hard work you would have done in your “youthful” days. It is the time of your life when you should be resting. However, this rest has to be planned for today – when you are younger or when you can still work. There has to be a regular investment for the future. Many able-bodied people are relying on the government and their kids to “save the day” during retirement. This is not right! Don’t be among these folks who think the government is the “superman”. Nothing is guaranteed and certainly the money from the government is not. Give yourself an extra leg to stand on by constantly improving your retirement portfolio.

Regardless of your current age, you can still improve your tomorrow today. Today is the best time! Be conscious of the actions you take today because their aftermaths may last longer than you think. If you are like me and many others who are still pretty much in our prime ages, be aware of the changes that are going on in your career. Evolve in the right direction, make the right connection and never forget that your career is a great tool to improve retirement plan.

3. Health.

Health is the one aspect that everything about you is connected to. Success, happiness, relationships, career and other aspects exist because you are alive and healthy. Your existence is precious and it should be treated with great intentionality. You have to be mindful of what goes in and on your body. We live in an age where more chemical are saturated in everything we use. Your number one job is to manage your health – both physical and mental health.

Proper management of your health is not going to be easy in this technological age. We seat longer at work, drive everywhere and have a generally decreased physical activity sessions in a day. However, gyms are almost accessible to everyone these days. Exercising should be one of your daily routines – like brushing your teeth. Additionally, include some good inconveniences in your day – park far away, walk or stand while on the phone, stretch regularly etc.

Studies show that former athletes have a decreased risk of major chronic diseases later in life. You don’t need to go be an athlete but start an activity-based hobby just to get moving and healthy. Remember, an unhealthy person may not have the ability to maintain relationships and may not enjoy retirement.

These three aspects of life you should always improve on will put smile on your face today and tomorrow. They will help you live a fulfilled life. Never stop improving!