The world is going through an unprecedented time with the present COVID-19 pandemic. People of all kind; class and ages, have no other choice than to stop their everyday activities to keep themselves safe. Our world for the first in a long time took a pause, a pause that no government officials can put a start to. Just as my friend’s kids asked their parents about the reopening of their schools, many people are asking questions about their jobs, freedom, and even a high school graduation date. No one has an answers to all these questions yet. The only thing, we can do at this point is to continue to live our lives from our closets. While we are keeping safe, here are some tips on how to live positively and purposefully from your haven.

Be Thankful

Being thankful may sound cliché but it is one of the best thing we can do during this time. This might have turned out worse. We should be thankful for the medical and other essential services that are available for us during this time. The medical and technological advancement in general made this pandemic more controllable.

Unlike the previous pandemics, we are more informed about its spread and prevention. 
It may be hard for some to be thankful because of lost loved one, source of income, one way or another everyone has been affected by this pandemic but find something to be thankful for and be hopeful about.

Be hopeful

Being hopeful will keep us in good spirit and helps to prepare for the good days ahead. The book of Proverbs simplified the need for us to be hopeful right now. When we have hope for the good days to come, our hearts radiate joy and spread positivity energy.

Sad news is one of the most dangerous things that can make one to be negative during this time. terrible information about the cause of the pandemic, the race related assaults and other craziness. All these happenings instill fear into one’s heart. Hope is the opposite of fear. Be the beacon of hope and peace, not the opposite.

Be careful

Being careful is necessary during this time. Until medical experts say otherwise, taking the necessary precautions is highly recommended. Be mindful of the information you consume during this time. There are three main aspects of our being that can be affected by the pandemic if we are not mindful; our psychological, physical and spiritual being.

Be extremely careful of what you are eating, reading, and watching during this time. You cannot afford to pollute all the progress you have made before the pandemic simply because you have some free time to watch everything out there.

This time will surely pass so stay positive during this time and prepare yourself for the good days ahead. This is the best time to get better at something you may have been struggling with. Now is the time to learn something of great interest to you and reach out to the folks who can help you reach the next level.