1. Never try to always meet anyone’s expectations of you, only God’s and yours

Meeting other people’s expectations of you is not wrong but do not be overly driven by them. Being driven by people’s expectations, regardless of your relationship with them can bring confusions to your journey. A man driven by people’s opinion should be ready to fulfill 7 billion expectations. The only expectation you should daily strive to meet is yours and your creator.As a believer, I know I am here on earth for a purpose and fulfilling it comes with expectations. Those are the expectations I am all about meeting.

2. Never expect anyone to “roll a red carpet” for you at any event of your life

The only thing you have the right to is what you own or what you are paying for. Never expect any one in this entire universe to treat you with utmost respect and admiration when you are not paying them for such service. Present yourself to be respected but do not demand respect because you may not get one.

3. Never think the world owes you something

Many people are walking around the world today with this crazy idea that the world owes them or their family something. A sense of entitlement shows how unfair and unreasonable people can be. A true warrior would not want unmerited treatment to get ahead. Always show up with confidence and competence to show the world that you are ready to fight and win every battle with unmerited assistance. There is nothing wrong in being helped to get ahead in life but take off your mind that you always deceive help from others.

4. Never say the deceptive phrase “we work SMART not HARD”

No, you must work hard and smart simultaneously. Many people evangelize working smart as putting in the minimum effort to get the maximum benefit. Regardless of your industry, you must WORK HARD to get to your maintainable next level. A lot of folks cannot maintain their successes because they do not know they got there. If a man does not know what it takes to get to a good place, he is more likely to mismanage the goodness of his found place. Every man must get his hands dirty but quickly clean them and move on to the next project. Working hard and smart mean you are giving 120% to the right place to get ahead and repeat the success.

Mediocrity is cheap but does not often yield excellence. The process of being excellent is expensive but is more likely to yield piece of mind and a maintainable success. Avoid taking shortcuts, do not rush. Work hard, wait for your beautiful turn and remember that no one owes you but you owe yourself everything it will take to get ahead.