Improving your health helps to improve your life. Living your best life does not necessarily mean you own a mansion, drive the most valued cars and other material things. Certainly, living your best life does not have anything to do with being at the top of your career or profession. Here are my five simple steps you can take today to improve your life. These are very cheap actions that you can take right now.

1. Sleeping well (Good Sleep)

Sleep has several incredible advantages beyond feeling good after you wake up. Good sleep can boost your immune system – yes, it does. With adequate sleep, your immune cells and proteins get the rest needed to fight any weird kinds of illness like cold, fever, flu, etc. In times like this when the phrase “immune system” is more popular due to the coronavirus, it is important to sleep more as we await the vaccines to help combat coronavirus. As a matter of fact, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine wrote that proper sleep can make vaccines more effective. Incredible! Sleep increases productivity and improves exercise performance.

2. Stretch Regularly (Exercise)

Many people do not have the time for the daily recommended physical activities. This is understandable! The importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasized. There are simple activities that can be done regularly to get the body and joints moving. Stretching is one of them. While stretching is different from normal exercise or work-out, it helps in keeping the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. A lean and flexible muscle helps maintain a range of motion in the joints. Furthermore, stretching improves posture and reduces stress. Well stretched muscles hold less tension which helps you feel less stressed.

3. Connect with your Spirituality being

Regularly connecting with your God makes you more hopeful, gives you a sound mind, decreases stress, and most importantly gives you peace of mind. You will certainly find all these in Christianity. Our existence is a constant reminder that we have been created to live out a purpose. As a Christian, praying and meditating have always helped me navigate through tough times in life. If you are not a Christian or used to be one, you encourage you to look at this religion of peace. The four pillars of a man are his spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional beings. Spirituality takes care of almost every aspect of our being. You will have a better everyday life when you cruise through the day with less stress and awareness that you have someone watching over you.

4. Reduce sugar and alcohol intake

The effects of alcohol are beyond the short-lived physical misconduct. The psychological effects can cause a lot of ruin to anyone regardless of the controls put in place. Alcohol acts as a depressant to the central nervous system. The result of alcohol intake can be exciting, sedating, troubling depending on the consumption level. Mood changers are rarely welcomed in a reasonable place or invited to important events. Alcohol can lead to alcohol-induced psychiatric syndromes such as alcohol-induced sleep disorder, alcohol-induced bipolar disorder, etc.

The effects of sugar also go beyond physical weight gain. It can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, and cellular aging. Personally, too much sugar drains my energy and affects my productivity.

5. Eat well and use supplements if needed (Healthy Eating)

As you know, the food you eat affects your internal system and some affect the external system either positively or negatively. Making sure your diet is balanced is very important. However, some people lack some vitamins that are helpful to their overall heart. While some dietary supplements can be dangerous, most of them are beneficial if used with caution and guidance from a medical practitioner. Eating right produces the right nutrients needed for growth, body repair, and general productivity.

These five simple steps can be started today to improve your life. These steps are not expensive to take on. However, making them a habit can be challenging initially but hang in there. Be patient with the process especially if you have always slept for a short period of time, rarely participate in physical activity like stretching, and never had the need to connect with a higher being. You got what it takes to change your life!