At different times, we will go through some tough times – times we wish that somethings can be changed. In present time, February 2021, when the world is still battling with Coronavirus which has resulted in an unending rise of unemployment compared to the previous decades. Furthermore, medical facilities are unexpectedly low in number due to the high number of medical needs. There are currently other uncertainties. We all have personal things to worry about in addition to the global stress. For those who are still going through tough times, I want to share some simple but effective things in order to get through this time. These three things to do when you are going through tough times would prevent you from losing the battle to life challenges. I must add the fact that these tips helped me!

1. Do not isolate yourself

It is so easy to think that people do not care about us when we are going through tough times. Furthermore, our minds can convince us that warriors do not consult others neither do they ask for help. This position is a lie! Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is a reminder that as human beings, life throws at us darts at different times and we will need a support group comprising of family, friends, colleagues etc to help during this time. Most of the help needed during these low moments is often one or two phone calls away. Do not isolate yourself but communicate with the people who can help you get through.

2. Do not compare your situation with other people’s situations

I have observed that when one is going through tough times, it is so easy to slip into the “comparison syndrome”. This is a tendency to look at other people’s situation, and wish their experience was yours. I implore you not succumb to the temptation of comparing and complaining. Each of us is on a unique journey. Our path to victory will be totally different from others, therefore we need to focus on our peculiar journey, get the help needed along the way and keep forging ahead.

3. Do not make permanent decisions while going through a temporary situation

The decisions that we make are very important. Making a permanent decision when going through a temporary situation is a path to disaster. The best time to make decisions, especially a permanent one, is when we have all the facts and possibilities ready. Decisions about relocation, marry, career and so on can have a long-time effect and should not be made while going through temporary rough time. I have heard of several stories of people who like to buy stuff when they are in their down moments. Most of the stories often end in regret.

Everyone would go through challenges in life. Tough times are often temporary, and it is expected of us to navigate through them somehow without the slightest of inclination as to how best to get through.

My inexpensive tips are as follows: be opened to help from your support system, destroy the thought of comparison, and be aware of the decisions you make during low moments.

Stay strong and remember that though times do not last, tough people do.