3 Key Factors to Consider When Setting Your 2022 goals

3 Key factors to consider when setting your 2022 goals

Setting goals and forming new habits is common practice when starting something new or welcoming a new year. It is always an exciting time to set new goals and standards. Sadly, a very high number,92 percent, of goal-setters do not achieve their new year’s goals according to Inc. There are several reasonable reasons for the enormous unaccomplished goals. I want to focus on three key factors to consider when setting new year’s goals so that you will not fall into the statistics of failed goal-setters.

  1. Set achievable goals

The key to achieving a goal is by starting with simple and realistic goals. When setting goals, you need to keep in mind that you already have a life that is loaded with various activities like eating, working, and resting. Any additional activity must fit into the 24 hours you have and more importantly, must be achievable. Learning a new set of things like; foreign language and new musical instrument, working out, reading a book, etc. are reasonable goals but can they all be added to your already stacked up schedule? Have a good and honest negotiation between your desires and capability when setting a goal. A thorough and truthful negotiation will lead you to accept the reality of limited time and encourage you to only take what you can handle.

2. Make the process of achieving your goal easier

The process of achieving a scary or grand goal does not have to be difficult or stressful. Take the process of preparing for a marathon as an example. You do not have to run the same distance as the main marathon every day to prepare – you just must run short distances frequently to build endurance. As you are setting your 2022 goals, make the process easy, consistency is the key to accomplishing your goals. If your goal is to work regularly, get a gym that is closer to your most visited places like work or get a gym set up in your house if spacious. Bringing your gym closer to you eliminate excuses and stress. Applying this mindset to all the small and big goals you have would simplify the process and encourage consistency.

3. Get a strong accountability partner

A strong accountability partner would be determined to help you accomplish your goals. When setting up goals, think of who can hold you accountable for each goal. Be careful not to choose a yes-man who can easily lower the standard for you upon your request. A strong partner will not permit unreasonable cheat days even when requested. While an accountability partner does not necessarily determine how achievable your goals will be, he or she can make the path to achieving your goals smoother. Your determination and personal accountability are still the basis for achieving your goals. It may be difficult to have someone around who can hold you accountable, there are some services like FocusMate where you can schedule to meet an accountable partner and new friends who will encourage you to be dedicated to the set goals.

Depending on the goals you want to set, it is recommended to grant insight to a trusted accountability partner. This helps to encourage you while you are on the journey. There are other factors to consider when setting your 2022 goals. However, the major factors have been briefly discussed. Keep these simple factors in mind as you set your new year’s goals.

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