About Me

Hi, Its Samuel Owoyemi (SO). I’m an entrepreneur, software developer, and life and business strategist. I am a founder and partner of more than three companies in various industries. These industries include clothing, shoes, and technology services, events management and hospitality services. I have worked for some Fortune 500 companies like Sodexo, Acxiom, and CBS.

I started my professional career as an Office Clerk and Typist at a local IT consulting company. My role which was at a time belittling turned out to be an eye-opener to the vast world of information, communication, and technology (ICT). My task in this position was pretty straightforward but was done in a unique way which got me promoted to be a trainer.

I trained individuals on how to use the basic Microsoft Applications – MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the good old FrontPage. Being meticulous and extraordinary at my job, I was exposed to HTML, PHP, and MySQL. My level of interest in these programs made me change my┬ácareer path from being a political scientist to a computer scientist.

Being a computer science student shifted my desire, interest level, and knowledge in IT from the basics to an advanced level. Here I am, I have worked in different industries with great companies as digital content specialist, quality assurance expert and software engineer.

Entrepreneurship has always been a core part of my journey. In 2012, I started a local IT firm called CoolPages Info Media (CIM) in Lagos. CIM provided web development training and services, electronic Marketing – Bulk SMS and Email Marketing. CIM had reasonable success with the limited number of freelancers we had but the company had to be shut down due to migration decision from me.

With the knowledge gain from the extinct CIM, I founded Atrium Technology and Services (ATS) in 2017. ATS currently provides Software Development services, SEO, and consulting. ATS will be re-launched in Lagos with an amazing co-founder by 2021. Please reach out if you need any of the services we provide or wants to join our team.

I have failed several times to have stable and clear career path. Please let me know if I can help with career and general life situation. I want you to win. I want to win with you.
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