Manual Quality Assurance Analyst

Hi there,

With COVID-19 statistics not improving, it looks we may be glued to our devices for couple more days. I have decided to guide any interested person on how to be a QA Analyst for FREE. This is a skill that can be used during and after COVID-19.
You can get a good full-time position with basics QA skill or even do freelance testing.
I have had full-time positions in QA and also “on the couch” position where I just scroll through my phone and laptop to find bugs while listening to music or podcast. This is what most of us do anyways…scroll and see what is wrong on that website or mobile app we love 🙂

This will be a weekly Zoom meeting but with a lot of test projects. I have some hands-on projects that you can test with. There will be no grade or pass/fail awarded. We are all just getting better together! This is not a programming class (I can teach programming class if the interest is high).

I will be walking you through the following: popular Test Case management Tools, Emulators, BrowserStack, Bug tracking softwares, QA nomenclature and all the good stuffs you need to be a QA guy or gal 🙂

Please sign up below if you are interested. First session will start on April 11th. I believe you can learn a lot that can get you started with four or five sessions.


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Posted on: 4/4/2020 Updated on: 4/20/2020